The equipment is used in the manufacture of medical consumable material as a single-purpose service workplace for the stand-alone machine Cassette Welder. The equipment is formed by three work desks which form a U-shaped production line and the equipment is continuously manned by operators while being in operation.

The assembly desk number 1 is used to move the empty product with a roller conveyor belt over to the initial position of the assembly desk, the sticker is then stuck on the cassette and the cassette is then fitted into the product. Alu sachets with solutions for blood analyzer are then placed into the cassette as well as a sealing and its holder. The cassette is then welded in the Cassette Welder.

Having been welded, the cassette is moved from the conveyor belt over to the desk number 2 to undergo a pressure test. The cassette is then moved over to the testing and packaging desk number 3. It is placed here into a carousel for leak test and then it is packed and labelled.

(The machine is used in Poland by Danish customer)