About us

  • 100% Czech company
  • over 3000 square meters of our own production area
  • over 50 employees, half of them in R&D
  • over 800 projects
  • over 20 years of experience
  • over 100 customers

We are Stroza

We specialize in automation and robotization of various technological processes across industries using latest technologies. We often do things that seem very complicated and complex at the beginning, but we end up providing a simple, functional and elegant solution. We strive to bring our customers novel solutions and an unbiased perspective on the issues at hand. Eventually, all of this is a constant source of new insights and knowledge for us as well.

We have designed, manufactured and finally brought to life everything you see in our machines and how they work ourselves. We have in-house experts in all the professions required for the complex design of even very complex machines and sufficient facilities for their subsequent production.


We want to be a partner to our customers in all phases of their automation project, from initial ideas and plans to the implementation and servicing of the machines, no matter whether they are small semi-automatic fixtures or large-scale production lines.

Where we are today started in 1998. Beginning as freelance designers, the interest of our customers in implementing the solutions we designed shaped a company capable of not only designing but also building entire machines. By 2005, we were already operating in our own building and had all the necessary professions for automation covered, including our own production machines. In 2012 we purchased and revitalized a former textile factory building, which became our current headquarters and the place for our further development.

In the REFERENCES tab you can see where our machines are working around the world and in the PRODUCTS section you can get an idea of the different fields we are active in.