The machine is designed as a single-purpose piece of equipment for clean rooms in semiconductor industry. The machine provides jet etching, washing and edge drying of silicon wafers for power switches. The equipment consists of two chambers with controlled flow of the air mass in the Cleanroom version. The centre of the chip is found automatically, the rotation speed is adjustable and the nozzles with different acids, DI water and acetone are positioned by servo drives and by a robot. Handling of the wafers is carried out by the robot in the Cleanroom version. The machine has been working for a British customer in Great Britain.


> The Simatic control system
> The Epson robots in the Cleanroom version
> Two process chambers
> Edge etching of wafers of diameters from 19 to 155 mm
> Automatic detection of the centre of the gripped wafer
> Precise positioning on the chuck
> Adjustable rotation speed of the chuck
> Automatic calibration of the positioning system
> Five arms with nozzles positioned by servo drives in several axes
> One arm with nozzles and the arm is completely freely adjustable by the robot
> Controlled flow of the air mass in the process chamber
> An all-plastic skeleton made of white polypropylene
> An automatic “from pallet to pallet” process
> The top view: 2 700 × 1 480 mm, height 2 100 mm