Cleaning and Etching of the Sapphire Wafers


The equipment is designed for use in the optoelectronic industry and to operate in clean rooms. Chemical cabinet is used for washing and etching sapphire wafers by chemical solutions in the baths. A diameter of the wafer can be 2″- 8″. Wafers are stored in PFA carriers and processed in 6 baths. Operator must perform manual changeover of the cartridges between the baths. Two etching baths are made of quartz, HF solution bath is made of PVDF material. Drain out of the etching baths is accompanied by dilution (water down). Three rinse baths are equipped with spray and a quick dump valves with adjustable rinsing mode. Some of the baths are equipped with heating elements and it is possible to set the temperature for the processing and drain out, and to secure bath against overheating. All baths have an adjustable timer to set the process time and to call up the operator. The device is equipped with an exhaust sensor, aspirators and manual sprays for maintenance of the work area.

Whole equipment is made of plastic material; dimensions: 2700 x 1200 mm; height: 2050 mm.

(The equipment is used by Russian customer in Russian Federation.)