Automatic Box for Microstrip


The machine is designed as a single-purpose automatic box to etch Si plates. The cycle of etching and rinsing the Si plates is fully automatic according to the selected parameters, the operator only replenishes the incoming material, takes products and selects the parameters of the process. The box is designed for two six-inch baskets or for one eight-inch basket. The materials used comply with the standard FM 4910. The process tub (rear) is designed for a chemical mixture. Chemicals pass through the circulation loop. The pump sucks the bath from the overflow gutter and returns it back to the bottom part of the process tub via a flow heater.

The rinse tub (front) is filled by means of bottom filling. Nitrogen which causes circulation of demineralised water is conducted into the process tub from the bottom in order to achieve more efficient rinsing of Si plates. Quick discharge is arranged by a couple of so-called Quick Dumps which are disc valves pneumatically operated.

(the machine is used in Czech by USA customer)