Automatic Tube Etching Machine


The device is designed for cleaning and washing of the semiconductor tubes and other small parts in the semiconductor industry. You can etch into the tube diameter of 300 mm and a length of 1450-2765 mm. Manipulator situates tube on a rotating cylinders (roller beam). Subsequently (depending on the chosen recipe), the system fills the cleaning fluid (chemical mixture) into the process bath or injects this cleaning fluid directly into the processed tube. The liquid mixture is composed from three ingredients. After cleaning, the tube is washed in running DI water, and then, tube is dried with heated nitrogen. Tube keeps rotating all the way throughout the etching, washing and drying process. The device has two storage tanks for two different etching compounds that are automatically prepared from DI water, HNO3 and HF element according to a preset recipe. All three ingredients of the chemical mixture are transported to the device from central manifolds (pipelines). Each recipe has a very wide range of possible methods for compilation and compounding styles. You can preset recipe not only for processing but also for full maintenance and for cleaning of whole device. The PLC with graphic touch screen ensures all the management, control and safety during working process. The PLC ensures control of all pneumatic and hydraulic components, filling and draining of the process baths and storage tanks, closing of protective covers and guards, and indicates the operating and fault states of the process line.

Whole equipment is made of plastic material; dimensions: 4050 x 1391 mm, height – 2480 mm.

(The equipment is used by Swiss customer in Switzerland.)