The equipment is designed as a single-purpose automatic  line to punch out rings from a very thin membrane and to weld them on by means of ultrasound in two different plastic parts – on the tip of the jacket (Jacket) and on the lid (Guiding Lid). The required shape of the membrane is punched out, placed on the plastic part and subsequently welded on by means of ultrasound. Furthermore, the weld between the part and the membrane is checked for tightness. Individual parts are dosed into the machine by means of vibrating feeders, they move on a revolving carousel and they are handled by a robot.

The operator selects a programme according to the product which is to be manufactured, he/she ensures a sufficient quantity of the foil and parts and he takes away the bins with finished products at the end of the process. The products “Jacket” leave the machine placed on pallets, the products “Guiding Lid” are put randomly into boxes by the robot. Non-compliant products are placed into a special box.

(The machine is used in Denmark by Danish customer)