Membrane Unit Welding Machine


The equipment is designed as a single-purpose automatic line to assembly the Membrane Unit with a Desiccant Disc into a Well. The Well is subsequently closed with a welded-on aluminium cover foil and labelled with a type indication label.

The equipment is designed as an automatic piece of equipment, the operator only replenishes the incoming material, takes products and selects the parameters of the process.

The following processes gradually take place in the equipment: the Membrane Unit is tested for pressure leak, the Membrane Unit’s coloured version is checked, the Desiccant Disc is preheated, the Desiccant Disc and the Membrane Unit are assembled into the Well, the aluminium cover foil is cut out, the aluminium cover foil is welded on the Well, the type indication label is stuck onto the lid of the foil and products are sorted into compliant and non-compliant.

(The machine is used in Denmark by Danish customer)