A heat-treatment device to treat AC ampoules with hot water is designed as a single-purpose, semiautomatic, permanently manned device. The working process is managed by means of a Programmable Logic Controller and by means of a HMI display unit and by means of adjustable working values of  temperature and time.

The AC ampoules placed in stainless baskets are inserted by the operator into a hanger for eight baskets which is anchored to an arm of a manipulator. Having the door been closed and the process started, the lids of the tub are automatically tilted off, the baskets are lowered into the bath and the lids are closed. Having the determined time elapsed, the lids are tilted off, the hanger with the baskets is slid out to the initial position, the lids are closed and the heat-treatment process of AC ampoules is finished. The end of the process is indicated on the HMI display unit and a report on the course of the process is printed out. The operator will remove the stainless steel baskets with the ampoules and will insert next ones into the hanger.

(The machine is used in Poland by Danish customer)