The paper coating production line Thermovent treats paper in liquid baths for further use of the paper in the health service. As the equipment is symmetrical, the paper can pass through the line from the right to the left as well as from the left to the right, which minimizes handling between individual process steps. The line has its own chemical management for the preparation of process mixtures. The paper passes through baths and then through a continuous oven where it is dried. Humidity of the paper is measured in a contactless manner at the output from the oven. The paper is wound on both sides of the line on reels with an automatic correction of winding.


> A piece of equipment for processing paper in rolls of width equal to 1 300 mm
> Includes the machine as such and associated chemical management
> Semi-automatic preparation of process chemicals
> Paper passes through the machine three times – each time forth, back and forth
> Side balancing in course of winding on both sides of the process
> The height of process tubs is automatically adjustable according to the selected formula
> A continuous drying chamber of power output equal to 150 kW
> Heating power output controlled independently in nine sections divided transversely and longitudinally
> Contactless humidity measurement of the paper being dried across the entire width on both sides
> The main structural material is stainless steel AISI 316
> The top view of the machine as such is 12 500 × 2 200 mm, its height is 4 650 mm
> The total built-up area is 15 000 × 5 500