Crushing equipment for delay compositions

Field: machinery

The equipment is designed to crush material for manufacture of industrial pyrotechnic compositions and is designed for use in areas with risk of explosion.

The incoming material is poured into a hopper at the upper part of the equipment wherefrom the material is automatically dosed by a pneumatic vibratory drive to the crushing site and sieved through a system of sieves which separates fractions with different grain sizes. Three cylindrical bins are at the outlet of the machine and these bins are removed by the operator after having been filled to the specified weight.


> For processing of explosives
> Breaking and crushing of tablets from preparatory production
> Separation into fractions by sieving according to the size of grains
> Weighing of the manufactured quantity
> Control system Siemens Simatic
> The technology as such is designed for the V3 environment
> A dust-proof version with exhaustion
> Dimensions: 1 200 × 800 × 1 350 mm