The equipment is a single-purpose robotized workstation which is used for automatic preparation of material for the follow-up equipment in manufacture of medicinal tools.

The wires are placed by the operator in a larger quantity into a bin in the input station of the machine. Having the automatic process been started, the picking pin separates the wires so that one piece is always ready in an elevated position to be removed by the robot. The separated wire is subsequently gripped by the robot and transferred into the bed in the elevator.

The elevator transports the wire to the top level for output and will transload it on the platform of the output station. The output station ensures automatic transfer of the wire into the follow-up equipment by sliding the wire out through a guide rail. The equipment is designed for work in clean rooms.


> The Simatic control system
> Designed for work in clean rooms as per ISO 14644-1, class 8
> Separation of spring “wires” sensitive to handling
> Automatic removal of the “wire” from the bundle and transfer to the next machine
> Handling by Scara robot Epson
> Approximate dimensions: 1 200 × 900 × 1 850 mm