The KV-line is a comprehensive robotized piece of equipment for use in the manufacture of electronic components. The technology used here consists in application of polymerous layers of liquid solutions on anodes of capacitors. Two kinds of solutions are used alternately – a primer and dispersion and a manufacturing lot is dried out in a drying oven after every soaking. As per the selected formula, a process is repeated and combined many times.

One part of the line is used to soak and dry in the primer, the other part of the line is used to apply the dispersion solution and the other part is in a mirror arrangement. Parts are fastened in handling frames throughout the entire processing and all handling in the line is arranged by two six-axis industrial robots. As an alcoholic solution is used on the side of the primer, therefore, the dedicated parts of the line are in a version suitable for areas with explosion hazard.

(The equipment works in the Czech Republic for a customer from the USA.)