Threading machine

Field: machinery

The threading machine is a single-purpose machine to make threads M4 in automatic cycles managed by one person. The machined parts are represented by two types of metal hose clamps.

The operator clamps always two pieces of the same type of the part into a fixture which is clamped on a revolving desk of the table. By turning the revolving desk, the pieces are subsequently moved into the working area behind the protective acrylic glass  and the revolving table is secured (before the acrylic glass). The operator turns the working cycle on by depressing two switches START of the two-handed control in order to increase the protection from injury to hands. Turning on will make the entire threading cycle to be carried out automatically for M4 threads for two pieces at the same time including the start and stop of lubrication. While this working cycle is running, the operator will place the next two pieces into the fixture on the revolving desk in the area where parts are placed (before the protective acrylic glass). Having the threading heads been moved to their top positions and having the revolutions been stopped automatically, the process is constantly repeated.

(The machine is used in Czech Republic by Czech customer.)