Gluing machine


Gluing machine is a complex device for cleaning, temperation and transportation of silicon ingots. The input part of the device is a tilter, wich is where the edges of ingots are blunted and cleaned. The tilter system allows the operator to manipulate the ingot with ease. After cleaning the ingot is moved through serrated ridges into the tempering bath. Manipulator lowers the ingot into the tempering bath, where is tempered onto desired temperature. After finishing of the tempering process the ingot is taken out by manipulator and is put on a palette and transported by roller conveyor through pneumatically controlled EMC tight door into measuring room. The roller conveyor is also supply of tempered Si ingots. At the end of the conveyor is elevator that drops the palette on the transverse line of the next device. Empty palettes are automatically returned by belt conveyor through pneumatical doors into the room with tempering device.

(this device is used in Denmark by Danish customer)