The equipment is designed as a single-purpose semiautomatic line to glue stainlesssteels stripes with putty on the glass of doors.

The operator will place manually the glass and stainless-steel stripes with putty into the equipment and will trigger the process. Alignment of the glass and stripes will gradually take place in the equipment, the glass and stripes will be moved with a manipulator into a pressing station, the stripes will be pressed on the glass, transported into a lift and moved onto stands. The operator communicates with the machine by means of a touch screen on the HMI (Human-Machine Interface).


> Unitronics control system
> A programmable logic controller with a touch display unit
> Automatic glueing of stainless steel elements on glass doors
> Placing of processed parts in handling shelves on travelling wheels
> Setting of formulae according to the selected product
> Approximate dimensions: 3 700 × 1 750 × 1 950 mm