This single-purpose equipment is used for the manufacture of electrotechnical components. The material in trays placed in the basket is placed on a motor-driven incoming conveyor belt which will transport it into the washing chamber. An internal manipulator transfers the basket successively to three washing baths with preheated DI water. Having the final wash been completed, the basket is moved to the drying oven from which it is transferred by a motor-driven exit conveyor belt. The equipment has its own water management system for recovery of DI water.


The main structural material is stainless steel AISI 316
> Control system Mitsubishi
> Communication with the superordinate manufacture control system
> Equipment for the manufacture of electrotechnical components
> Handling of parts on pallets in baskets weighing up to 50 kg
> A continuous-type furnace with a chain conveyor with temperature up to 120 °C
> The process section with bathtubs with preheated DI water
> A linear manipulator for transferring baskets between bathtubs according
to the formula
> Water management with recovery of DI water
> Dimensions of the machine 12 200 × 4 030 × 3 600 mm