A single-purpose equipment used for the manufacture of electrotechnical components, specifically for their rinsing in acid baths, rinsing and baking at temperatures up to 500 °C. Material placed in metal trays is manually loaded into the input station. The trays from the input station are transported by means of a robot to the soaking station, they are subsequently stacked into a stacking frame and while they are in this stacking frame, they are loaded into one of the two baking furnaces. Having the process been finished, the robot places the trays in the output station.


The main structural material is stainless steel AISI 316
> The machine is operated by a Fanuc robot with a carrying capacity of 35 kg
> Control system Mitsubishi
> Communication with the superordinate manufacture control systém
> Equipment for the manufacture of electrotechnical components
> Handling of parts on pallets with dimensions 1 000 × 340 ×80 mm
> Two furnaces with hydraulic opening and temperature up to 500 °C
> Automatic operation of the equipment according to the selected formula
> Total installed power input of 120 kVA
> Dimensions of the machine 6 750 × 5 000 × 4 600 mm