The task of the device is to cut a ring of approximately 1 mm in diameter from a special foil, to place it and to weld it precisely to the centre of a small hole in a moulded plastic part.
Everything takes place on a very compact top view of the equipment wherein two robots, a carousel, a laser, a cutting-out device and other components are located.
The moulded plastic part are uniformly oriented and transported to the pick-up point wherefrom they are handled by the robot on the carousel. All process operations and checks will take place here.
Probably the most interesting among them is the welding of the foil and the moulded plastic part using a laser beam which is guided by a camera to form several concentric circles around the perimeter of the foil to ensure that the two parts are joined.


> Control system Omron
> Epson robots in Cleanroom version
> Labour with very small parts demanding as fas as antistatic measures are concerned
> Cutting out circles of small diameter from a very thin plastic foil
> Welding laser Coherent with parallel camera optics
> Very precise positioning by means of a camera systém
> Full traceability of every piece which has been manufactured
> Placing in a defined position of trays by RFID chips
> Designed for work in clean rooms as per ISO 14644-1, class 8
> Dimensions: 1 700 × 940 × 1 950 mm